Encouragement for the Week:
Our recent hurricane reminded us of the time in 1992 when a tornado destroyed our home and injured my wife who was home alone at the time. One year after the tornado I wrote this song based upon the encouraging words of Psalm 91. This is an old recording I made of it, “A Shelter in the Time of Storm

New This Week:
– “Gladness When Believers Walk in Truth” (9/18/2017) Studies in Second John – Part 3 (verse 4)

Recently Added:
– “Studies in Second John” (3 studies so far)
– “Studies in Third John” (August 2017) – 3 studies through Third John
– “Has God’s Law Ended?” (7/31/2017) Today it continues as fulfilled in Christ.
– “Time and the God who Made It” (7/24/2017) Time is different to our Creator.
– “A Powerful Piece of News” Colossians 1:3-8 – audio sermon by Bob Burridge (7/23/2017)
– “The Why of Evil” (7/17/2017) Evil has a purpose in God’s creation.
– “Noah’s Real Ark” (7/10/2017) – correcting a common misconception
Added This Summer:
– “Should Infants of Believers be Baptized?” (a simplified summary)
– “Studies in Galatians” (with a video presentation of each of the 17 lessons)
– “Praying for One Another” (Lesson on Intercessory Prayer)

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