Thursday, May 26
A Signet Ring of God
Lesson 6. Haggai 2:20-23
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More About God
NEW: The second unit in our studies in the teachings of the Bible is now fully updated and expanded. This unit, Theology Proper, covers what it is to know truth, God’s nature, the Trinity, God’s Decrees, Creation, Providence, and Miracles (Special Providence). The expanded first unit about How We Got Our Bibles is also now available along with video presentations of each lesson.

Our studies through Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians are being made available here as each lesson is edited. This series is being presented in small group neighborhood studies in St. Petersburg and Seminole through Christ the King Presbyterian Church (PCA).

Guide to Responsible 2016 Voting:
With so much news about the Presidential Primaries, this newly updated guide should be helpful as a review of some biblical principles for voting.

Read, “How Should We Then Vote?”.

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The Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies

In the mid 1500’s Geneva became a gathering place for those who wanted to return Christianity to its biblical foundations. Under the leadership of John Calvin scholars, ministers, and concerned students gathered to compare all they believed and practiced with God’s word as preserved in Scripture.

The Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies was founded to continue that practice in our own period of history. Our desire is to apply God’s word to our own lives and to the world around us. Our goal is to reform (reshape) our lives to fit the mold that our Creator has given us in his written word.

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