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Confessing Our Sins (length 4:01)
“Living in a Post-Christian Era” (length 6:40)
“The Meaning of Sabbath” (length 6:16)
“What Is Faith?” (length 6:52)
“Inside the Trinity” (length 6:00)
The Meaning of Propitiation (length 7:03)

Thursday, October 13th
God’s Providence
(part 2): “The Problem of Evil”
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NEW: PDF versions of the updated studies in the Doctrine of Creation are now available.
Part 1: The Boundaries of the Doctrine of Creation – (PDF)
Part 2: The Events of Genesis One – (PDF)
Part 3: Beyond Genesis One – (PDF)

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The Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies was founded to continue that practice in our own period of history. Our desire is to apply God’s word to our own lives and to the world around us. Our goal is to reform (reshape) our lives to fit the mold that our Creator has given us in his written word.

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