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God’s Covenant with Man

Unit 3 “Objective Soteriology” (Westminster Confession of Faith VI-VIII)
Lesson 2: “God’s Covenant with Man” Part 1: “The Covenant Concept
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3:1 “Man’s Fall Into Sin
Video of Part 1: The Temptation in Eden
Video of Part 2: Results of the Sin in Eden
Video of Part 3: Eden’s Promise and Problems

Previously: [Units 1&2]
1:1. Knowing Truth: the possibility of knowledge, systematic truth, the value of written confessions – (Video)
1:2. Revelation: general and special revelation – (Video)
1:3. The Canon of Scripture: Which books belong in the Bible? How do we Know? – (Video)
1:4. The Inspiration of Scripture: God’s part in the writing of the books of the Bible (Video)
1:5. The Preservation of the Text of Scripture: confidence in the biblical text, a look at some problem texts – (Video)
1:6. The Translation of Scripture: the value and use of Bible translations – (Video)
1:7. The Interpretation of Scripture: Apologetics, Orthotomic Study, Spirit Illumination. – (Video)
2:1. The Knowable God: Logic’s Limits and Faith’s Foundation – (Video)
2:2. The Revealed Nature of God: God’s Nature and Attributes – (Video)
2:3. The Trinity: Modeling the unknowable – defining “Trinity” – (Video)
2:4. The Decrees of God: Fatalism, extent of the decrees, the cause of sin and evil – (Video)
2:5. The Decree of Creation: the Biblical boundaries in understanding God’s creation of all things – (Video)
2:6. The Creation and Nature of Man: the manner of man’s creation, man’s nature (dicotomy/tricotomy) – (Video)
2:7a God’s Providence: the Symphony of Everything: (part 1) – (Video)
2:7b “God’s Providence: The Problem of Evil” (part 2) – (Video)
2:8 “Special Providence and Miracles” – (Video)

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