Newly Posted Articles

New: “Reforming Our View of Self-Esteem
Lines of Time” (thoughts from Psalm 118:24 as a new year begins)
Hope and Promise” (a Christmas devotional study)
The Realms God Made” (There’s more there than what we see!)
Who Is My Neighbor?” (Luke 10:25-37)
The Names of God
A Short Summation of Eternal Salvation
Reformation and Toy Soldiers

Word Studies
“Love synonyms”
“What Is Faith?” (video)
“Love in John 3:16″
The Names of God
Bible Basics
Noah’s Real Ark (correcting misconceptions)
The Behemoth of Job 40:15-24
What Really Happened at Babel?
The Truth About Christmas (series)
God’s Olive Tree (video)
A Consistent Bible (video series)
Commentary Series
Lessons from Psalm 51
Studies in Haggai
Studies in Habakkuk (video)
Dawn of the Apostolic Era
Paul Brings Good News to Athens
Studies in Romans
Studies in First Corinthians
Studies in Galatians (video)
Studies in Philemon (video)
Studies in Jude (video)
Studies in Second John
Studies in Third John
A Short Summation of Eternal Salvation
Has God’s Law Ended?
Time and the God who Made It
Lessons from God’s Universe (series)
Knowing What God Has Said (How we got our Bibles)
The Why of Evil (it has a purpose)
Should Infants of Believers be Baptized?
Our Reformed Heritage
Five Challenging Bible Facts (“TULIP”)
What Is Reformed Theology?
Distinctives of Presbyterianism
Demons in God’s Creation
The Indwelling Holy Spirit
The Dawn of Otherness
Is There an Unpardonable Sin?
Did Jesus Descend Into Hell?
Worship Music Beyond the Psalms
The Sabbath Day (or PDF format)
Images Of God?
A Study of Speaking in Tongues
Does God Repent?
Raising Hands in Worship?
Hats for Women in Worship?
Father Forgive Them
God’s Sovereign Good Pleasure
Did Jesus Have to Die?
True Blue Presbyterianism
The Holy Spirit in the Ministry of the Word.
Iterative Reformation
Living for God’s Glory
I Am Not My Own 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Praying for One Another James 5:16
The Meaning of Blessedness
Managing Our Time
The Tithing Question
Alternate Life As an Avatar
Practical Sovereignty
Being Made Right With God
Predicting the Future
Resolved to Remember
The Rising Sun of Righteousness
No More Dark Trails
Reforming Ourselves
Encouragement In Our Songs
Three Exercises for the Soul
Wouldn’t Badges Be Easier?
Living Lovingly
Living Thankfully
Learning Compassion
Optimistic Living
Courtesy: A Neglected Virtue
A Brief Note for the Impatient
Infallible Compassions
How Should We Then Vote?

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